One Short Trip

One Short Trip

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Tours & Trips

Information about the places that i visited

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Trekking & Camping

Information about Trekking & Camping Sites

Things To Pack For Men

I have listed a few essential things to pack for your SHORT TRIP, pick & Choose the right things and pack wise

Things To Pack For Women

I have listed a few basic things to be packed for your SHORT TRIP which don’t change over territories. Pack your things based on your needs

About My Visit (Blog)

One Short Trip is a complete guide about the places i visited. It would be great if you could read my experience and thoughts before you visit, so that you can plan your short trip properly.

Beautiful Scenery
Camping in the night
Small Bridge to dock

One Short Trip is a travel blog 

where I will be sharing about the places you can visit. One Short Trip Depends on how short it has to be for you one day, two days, one week or one month. I will be sharing complete information about the place. How to reach there and how much you might have to spend, I will be giving you the itinerary from where you can choose – where to go depending on the number of days you plan to visit. One Short Trip aims not only on the places you’ll be visiting, but you will also be getting to know the culture, food, dress, What you can shop,What you can take back home, on the whole, I want ‘One Short Trip’ to be a well planned and executed travel guide 

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