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New Modern Hotel (NHM)

About New Modern Hotel – NMH  

New Modern is one of the Legend hotels in Bangalore. It is around 60 years old. It was established in the year 1959 by Lakshminarayana Rao,  near Minerva Circle, VV Puram, Bangalore. Narasimha Adiga worked as a cashier in NHM and later he bought the place and became the proprietor of NMH. They also have boarding and lodging facility. 

Early Years
In the early  70s and 80s, 
this hotel was a meeting place for many politicians, writers, actors, musicians, theater personalities and directors. They used to sit and work on their project. 

1- Writers like D.V Gundappa (DVG), A.R Shastri, H.V Seetharamaiah, 
2- Musicians like Madhurai Mani Iyar, 
3- Theater Personalities like B.V Karanth, Girish Kasaravalli, Nagabarna

were few of them who have always worked on their projects staying in the rooms at NMH. This hotel was most sought after by musicians and artists from outside Karnataka who performed at Sri Ramanavami Music Festival at Fort High School. For a few of them, a certain room at NMH was always booked / reserved as they felt that it was their lucky room. They also say films like ‘Chomana Dudi’ and ‘Samskara’ first bloomed at NMH 

Due to pressure of change in culture and fast life in Bangalore, the proprietor Narasimha Adiga and his brother Padmanabha Adiga did try to change the ambiance of the hotel, but their regular customers didn’t like the idea. So they had to leave it as it was earlier. The lodging rooms are not keeping up with the current times. They say they have customers who used to come there as students, now come with their families to eat idli sambar.

New Modern Hotel
NMH Seating

Menu at NMH 

They serve tiffin items like 

  • Masala Dosa – ₹48
  • Idli Sambar – ₹30
  • Badam Halwa – ₹45
  • Chiroti Milk – ₹42
  • Vada – ₹28
  • Poori Sagu – ₹45
  • Rava Idli – ₹35
  • Khara Bath – ₹26
  • Chow-Chow Bath – ₹45
  • Coffee – ₹22
  • Curd Vada – 35 etc..


Idli is served with piping hot sambar. They keep a bucket full of sambar on your table. People love the taste of  NMH sambar. Masala Dosa is very tasty here. The specialty of this hotel is bread toast.


One South Indian meal costs 80. They serve 

  • Salt
  • Pickle
  • One Papad
  • One Sweet
  • Poori
  • One Palya
  • One Curry
  • Rasam
  • Sambar
  • Curd
  • White Rice
  • Buttermilk
NMH Hotel Idli

New Modern Hotel (NHM) – Address
#143, Dr.A.N. Krishna Rao Road,
Near Minerva circle, Vishweshwarapuram,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004     

NMH Phone number
+91 9152166349,
+91 9972021048,
080 – 26612625

NHM TImings
Opening timings – 7.00 AM
Close timings – 9.00 PM

Email address of NHM Hotel

Official Website – New Modern Hotel (NHM)

Places to Visit Near New Modern Hotel

  • M.N. Krishna Rao Park – 2.5 Kms
  • Bugle Rock Park – 3.0 Kms
  • Dodda Ganapathi Temple – 3.0 Kms
  • Bull Temple – 3.0 Kms
  • Lalbagh Botanical Garden – 1.0 Kms
  • Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple – 3.4 Kms
  • Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace – 1.3 Kms
  • Kote Venkataramana Temple – 1.1 Kms
  • Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple – 1.1 Kms
  • Kote Anjaneya Swami Temple – 1.5 Kms
  • Bangalore Fort – 1.5 Kms

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