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I am Vinutha Vishwanath a Homemaker, mother of two children. I am not a writer, not a storyteller nor a social entrepreneur, just felt that I too can write whatever I know about the place I visited, so that people can just follow the route without thinking much  

My Childhood Trips

My interest in traveling is not new. When I was young, my father would plan a trip every year to either Thirupathi or Dharmasthala. Even though we used to repeat the same places every alternate year, we were never bored.  The first 10 years of my childhood were in Bangalore. Every weekend papa took us to either Cubbon Park or Lalbagh, as they were the only hot spots than in those days. After enjoying the whole afternoon, he would take us to nice eat-outs like Vidyarthi Bhavan, MTR, Airlines..etc. These were one of the best hotels in those days.

 Exploring Something New

As my father was a doctor he used to get transferred once in 3 years. He got transferred to Tumkur. We shifted to Tumkur we had an opportunity to see the places in and around Tumkur. Later he was transferred to Mandya and again we had a wonderful opportunity to see places around Mandya and Mysore.  After I got married, I had an opportunity to visit most of the south Indian temples and tourist destinations.

Why a travel blog

Traveling is my interest. All these years I was busy with my children and family and I was not able to travel much. Though I got to travel a few places I didn’t find sufficient time to write or share my experiences. In the last few years, I started to visit a new place every year.

 Dalai Lama says 

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before” 

People usually visit the same place again and again and say there was nothing new. Though they visit the same city there would be a lot of places to explore. I would love to guide the people with an itinerary from which they can choose where to go and what to explore

All these years it was either my father or my husband who would decide where to go and where to stay. I had written about the places I visited and itinerary from each trip I went to. I had also given it to a few of my friends, who felt it was very useful. 

Organizing a Trip

A few years ago I got an opportunity to organize a trip to Kullu –Manali – Shimla for just 5 days with 42 people. I studied a few of the blogs, but it was not of much help. I thought let me continue my writing and planning, it may help someone like myself. The reason was very simple –  To make Travel easy  

I started off with writing a blog that would help people coming from far off places to decide what they can do in their short stay, hence “One Short Trip”

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