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Someshwara temple Kurudumale

Someshwara temple in Kurudumale village located approximately around 10 kms from Mulbagal taluk, Kolar district, Karnataka state, India attracts thousands of visitors from all over south India.

Mythological story about Kurudumale

According to mythology there is a Ganesha idol which was installed by the Gods themselves. It is believed in the Kritha yuga,  the trimurthis – Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara together (kudi – in Kannada) had installed the idol at the base of a mountain (male – in Kannada) .Hence this place was called ‘Koodumale”, later as time passed it was mispronounced and now it is called ‘Kurudumale’. Earlier this place was also  called ‘Kootadri’ , ‘Koota’ meaning ‘together, ‘Aadri’ meaning ‘hill’.

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History of Someshwara temple Kurudumale

Someshwara temple at Kurudumale is a Shiva temple which is believed to be 1330 years old, built by Raja Raja Chola. The idol is believed to be installed by Koundinya Maharishi. The main  sculpturist of this temple was ‘Jakkanna chari’, but was later taken over by his son ‘Dankkana Chari’. Hence we can see two different styles of  architecture. The temple has the Chola architectural style, and the temple has no foundation and has been built on a rock. 

The main diety of this temple is Lord Shiva called as ‘Someshwara’ which is a linge in the main sanctum sanctorum (garbhagriha). The next hall has a series of deities placed which have been revered since ages. The first idol is of ‘Kalabhirava’ believed to free the ill effects of  ‘Kala sarpa dosha’. ‘Kalabhirava’ is stepping on a serpent which is a synibolic representation. Next is the idol of ‘Guru Dakshina murthi”, next is  ‘Lord  Venkatachalapathi’ along  with ‘Sridevi and Bhoodevi’ , and a small idol of Lord Anjaneya. Idol of “Koundinya Maharshi” is placed in the temple and another carving of Koundinya Maharishi is carved on a pillar. Here in this carving we see the fingers of Maharshi pointing  towards the ground , which is believed that there is a  tunnel from here to ‘Kashi’. This place is also called  ‘Dakshina Kashi’. The temple has  beautiful carvings on the stone pillars, there is also a stage with pillars on all eight directions.

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Special seva at Someshwara temple kurudumale
Abhisheka, Alankara seva,  Bilvarchana , Rudrabhisheka. 

Someshwara temple kurudumale Timings 
Mon – Sun: 6:30am – 1pm & 3pm – 8:30pm

Someshwara temple kurudumale Pooja Timings 
Abhisheka timing :  8:30 a.m. 
Mahamangalarathi :  10:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. 

Best time to visit Someshwara temple
All round the year and on special occassions, festival days. Shivaratri and on Mondays during the month of ‘Karthika’ are very special.

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Someshwara temple kurudumale Website
No official Website

Someshwara temple kurudumale Email  
No official email address  

Someshwara temple kurudumale Phone Number 
KP Karthik – +91 9741004581

Someshwara temple Address 
Someshwara temple
Kurudumale, Mulbagal,
Karnataka 563131

Someshwara temple kurudumale Accommodation
There is no accommodation available for visitors inside or near the temple
There are hotels available in Mulbagal or at Kolar.
Online room booking is available in all below listed hotels. 

Sai Nandhini A/C Lodge
Harsha Residency
Hotel Saidham
GK Hill View Resort 
Thavaru Homestay

Near By Places to Visit Someshwara temple kurudumale 
Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple – Mulbagal
Kurudumale Ganesha temple
Garuda temple – Mulbagal

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Someshwara temple kurudumale Distance
Bangalore to Someshwara temple kurudumale  – 100 kilometres 
Kolar to Someshwara temple kurudumale – 36 kilometres 
Mulbagal to Someshwara temple kurudumale – 11 kilometres

How to reach Someshwara temple kurudumale

BMTC (Bus)

KSRTC and Private Buses are available from Bangalore to Mulbagal (fare: ₹80/-), you can opt for direct bus to Mulbagal or can take buses that go to Tirupati, get down at Mulbagal Junction or at the bus stop from there you reach temple by auto or private bus which is 11 kms from here (fare: ₹40/-).


Express train is available to Bangarapet Junction from Bangalore (fare: ₹85/-), From Railway station you can take a taxi or Auto (fare: ₹200/-).

NOTE –  please do contact Indian Railways (IRCTC) for better clarity on train timings & updated Pricing


Nearest International Airport (Kempegowda International Airport) is 105.00 Kms from Someshwara temple kurudumale  Drivetime approximately 2 Hours 10 min – 2 Hours 25 min

Bike / Car
Majestic (kempegowda bus station) – Indiranagar– Krishnarajapuram – Konadasapura – Hoskote –  Kolar – Chikkamadenahalli – Doddagurki – Rachabandahalli – Someshwara temple kurudumale 

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