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About Somnathpur

Somnathpur or Somnathpura is a town in Tirumakudalu Narisipura (T.Narisipura) Mysore district in Karnataka State, India around 35 Kms from Mysore City.

Somnathpur town was founded in the 13th Century by Someya Dandanayaka (Commander). Someya ( written in the inscription) was working for the Hoysala king Narasimha III. He created an Agrahara (Houses for brahmin) and built and maintained temples there. The town (Agrahara) came to be known as Somanathpura


History of Somnathpur

During 5th – 8th Centuries the Chalukya Dynasty had already constructed many architectural wonders like the temples at Aihole, Badami, Pattadakal. Their style was different, which included ‘rock-cut halls’ or ‘cave temples’ built-in Dravidian style. The Hoysala architectural style was an offshoot of western Chalukya (Later Chalukya) style with Dravidian Influence. They call the Hoysala archcuture style as ‘Karnata Dravida’. 

You can see the Hoysala art of temples at 

  • Belur – Channakeshava Temple (1117)
  • Halebidu – Hoysaleshwara Temple (1121)
  • Somnathapura – Channakeshava Temple (1279)

There are some lesser-known temples at

  • Arasikere Constructed in (1220)
  • Amruthapura Constructed in (1196)
  • Belavadi Constructed in (1200)
  • Nuggehalli Constructed in (1246)
  • Hosaholalu Constructed in (1250)
  • Aralaguppe Constructed in (1250)
  • Korvangla Constructed in (1173)
  • Haranhalli Constructed in (1235)
  • Mosale and Basaralu Constructed in (1234)
somnathpur temple
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About Somnathpur Temple 

At the entrance of the temple, you can see a stone slab with inscriptions of the Temple history carved on it. 

The main temple is in the center of a star-shaped platform. The outer wall of the temple showcases beautiful carvings.  There are various intricately carved stone plates and star-shaped falls on the walls. You can see the walls of the temple decorated with carvings of various Gods and Goddesses and depicted instance from Hindu sacred literature such as Ramayana, Mahabharata, childhood of Lord Krishna, etc.  

Temple Architecture 
It is an ornately carved temple of magnificent craftsmanship depicting

  • Krishna playing the flute
  • Dancing Ganesha
  • Vishnu seated on Anantha
  • Dancing Lakshmi
  • Triple-headed Brahma
  • Vishnu in Matsya form
  • Saraswati playing Veena
  • Narasimha with Lakshmi on his lap
  • Garuda carrying Vishnu
  • Lakshmi sitting on Lotus plant
  • Indira the King of Gods Riding with his consort ‘Shachi’ On the royal elephant.
    The ceilings and door jams leading to the sanctum sanctorium are exquisitely carved. The materials used for the temple is soapstone. The outer walls of all three shrines, their towers and sukanasi are equally well decorated.

This is a Vaishnava temple and there are no depictions of any form of other Hindu
Gods. Inside the temple are three sanctums in the west, south and north, where you can see Vishnu (Krishna) in three forms. Keshava, Venu Gopala and Janardhana.
The Western sanctum – the Statue of Keshava, the north sanctum – Janardhana and the south sanctum – Venu Gopala all forms of Vishnu.

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Janardhana Temple Somnathpur
Venu Gopala Somnathpura

Archaeological Survey
The temple is in the care of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) as a protected heritage site. According to the archaeological report it 
was built by the famous architect and sculpture ‘Ruvari Malithamma’. The sanctum shares a common Community Hall (Sabha Mantapa) with many pillars. Each pillar diffres from the other. Around the main temple are 64 small shrines which are empty.

Somnathpura Temple Timings
Temple Opening:  9:00 a.m.
Temple closing: 5:30 p.m.  

Somnathpura Entry Fees
Indians – 
Foreign Tourist – ₹300
Children Below 12 Years – Entry Free
Local Guide – 150 – 300

Best Time to Visit Somnathpur Temple

  • Best time to visit June to February, 
  • In Summer March to May the temperature soars high, the pathway gets heated and makes it difficult to walk
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somnathpur temple Inscription

Somnathpur Temple Website 
There is no official website for Somnathpur Temple. 

Somnathpura Email  
No official email address

Somnathpur Temple Phone Number  
No Contact Number  

Somnathpur Temple Address  
Chennakesava Temple,
Karnataka 571120

Somnathpur Accommodation
There is no good accommodation near Channakeshava temple . You might have to travel around 25 Kms to Talakadu or 35 Kms to (Mysore) to find good accommodation. There are few beautiful and affordable resorts in the surrounding area of Talakadu.

Jaladhama Resort Mudukuthore, Talakadu – 571 112 T. Narasipura Taluk, Mysore  

Raya Resort MudukuthoreTalakadu,T. NarasipuraTaluk, Mysore District- 571 112.

Places to visit near Somnathpur

Sri Tripurasundari Temple
Matthithaleshwara Temple

Somnathpur Distance
Bangalore to Somnathpura – 133 Kms 
Mysore to Somnathpura – 35 Kms
Malavalli to Somnathpura – 28 Kms
Talakadu to Somnathpur – 25 Kms

Somnathpura Temple
somnathpur temple Exit
somnathpur temple other idols

How to reach Somanathapura


Every 10 minutes, there is a KSRTC Bus to Mysore from Bangalore.

If you are looking to book online through KSRTC website, there are a lot of buses available (
Karnataka Sarige – 129
Rajahamsa Executive – 239
Airavat Club Class – 395

Busses start from 3.00AM and there are buses available until 10.30PM

Mysore to Somanthapura
No direct KSRTC Bus from Mysore to Somanathapura, Take KSRTC bus from Mysore to Bannur which is 25 Kms @ ₹30/ Person, from Bannur to Somanathapura take shared auto @ ₹10/ Person

Private auto rickshaw to the temple @ ₹200/One way


Take a train from Bangalore railway station to Mysore Railway station.

The nearest station to Somanathapura is Mysore station. 
Mysore station, it is 35 Kms to Somanathapura.

Bangalore to Mysore Train – 138 Kms – ₹59 – 74

NOTE – please  contact Indian Railways (IRCTC) for better clarity on train timings & updated Pricing 

By Air

Nearest International Airportkempegowda airport Bangalore) is 165 Kms from Somanathapura.

Nearest Domestic Airport (Mandakalli Airport Mysore) is 42 Kms from Somanathapura

Road – Bike / Car

Bangalore to Somanathapura via Mysore road – 133 Kms
Majestic (kempegowda bus station) – Kumbalgodu –  Bidadi – Channapatna – Maddur – KM Doddi – Malavalli – Kiragavalu – Bannur – Somanathapur

Bangalore to Somanathapura via Kanakapura road- 135 Kms
Majestic (kempegowda bus station) – Jayanagar – Thathaguni – Harohalli – Kanakapura – Malavalli – Kiragavalu – Bannur – Somanathapur

Route Mysore to Somanathapura via Bannur – 35 Kms
Mysore – Harohalli – Bannur – Bevinahalli– Somanathapura

Route Mysore to 
Somanathapura via T Narasipura – 46 Kms
Mysore – Duddagere – T Narasipura – Sosale– Somanathapura

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