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Sri Tripurasundari Temple

About Sri Tripurasundari Temple

Moogooru a small town in Tirumakundal Narsipura (T.Narasipura) taluk of Mysore District in Karnataka. There is a famous temple here for goddess Tripura Sundari, also called Thibbadevi. 

Tripurasundari’ means one who is beautiful in the three worlds. She is considered as the union of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. Hence the Devi is in the ultimate Shakti (Power). The temple at Muguru has high walls all around, decorated with small Statuettes Of the Goddess in different forms. There is an arched mahadwara. The temple does not have a Rajagopura ( which you see in other South Indian temples ). There is a big Parikrama inside the complex. At the center of the complex on a high pedestal is the main temple / Shrine. There are a few steps, climbing it leads to the ‘Mukhamandapam’ with four pillars. The pillers are simple with no intricate design. Over the garbhagriha (sanctum), there is a medium-size Vimana displaying beautiful carving and colourful statuettes of the goddess in different forms on all sides. Inside the sanctum the Goddess Tripura Sundari is placed in a sitting posture with Sri Chakra at her feet. The idle is made of black stone.

Muguru Sri Tripurasundari story

Shi Tripurasundari (Thibbadevi) temple of Moogooru  village, T.Narasipura taluk, Mysore district is around 850 years old. According to the legend it is believed that this temple was constructed by a Muslim palegar (territorial administrator appointed by the Nayak ruler of South India) Nawab Baba Saheb. Nawab Baba Saheb wanted to expand his territory, so he goes on an expedition. And after the war while returning home he stops at a place to take rest. (This place is three kilometers away from Moogooru now called Hosahalli village). He tell his Army to take rest near the lake and he sleeps on a stone under a Jamun tree. All for sudden he sees a bright light. Disturbed by the bright light he gets up and when he sees at his Army all of them will be “still” in catatonic state. Then the Goddess Tripurasundari appears in front of him and says ‘as you have rested your head on me, all this has happened’. The Nawab says ‘I am a muslim and I don’t believe in any other God than Allah’ and challenges her ‘if you are a real god, you have to win the challenge I give, then I will accept you as a God’. When the Goddess agrees to the challenge, he takes a dried jower stick, plants it upside down (root up and shoot down) and says ‘if this jower stick has sprouted (shoot with new leaves) by tomorrow evening I will believe that you are a God, if not I will destroy you’. Saying this he goes away. Next day evening when he goes to that place he sees that the dried jower stick would have sprouted. He falls at the Goddess feet and ask for forgiveness. As a reparation for the wrongdoing he takes permission from the Goddess to build a temple at Muguru. So the Goddess will say that ‘she will destroy all the progeny (lineage) of Mookasura who are residing in his territory and will abide in that place. Later this place was called Moogooru. The Nawab requests the Goddess to show her miracle to the world by making the jower stick spring every year. From then on every year they do the spring blooming festival (chiguru Odoyo Jatre). During this festival, goddessess from neighbouring villages (supposed to be sisters of the Thibbadevi) are brought in procession to Muguru. Traditionally the sisters of goddess come to visit Shi Thibbadevi then the procession is taken around the village. This Festival is celebrated for 3 days.


Tripurasundari Temple Entrance
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Tripurasundari Temple Utsava /Jatre 

Jatre in the December – January every year.
Hoovina (Flower Festival) utsava in aashada month.

Tripurasundari Temple seva details

Ksheerabisheka milk – ₹10
Yelneeru Seva Tender coconut – ₹10
Kumkumarchane – ₹15
Panchamurtha Abisheka – ₹25
Villedele Seva Bettle Leaf – ₹40
Hoovina Seva Flower – ₹2000

Note –  Devotees are required to bring the material (Things) required for the seva


Best Time To Visit Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple
You can visit the temple all throughout the year. The best time is during the Jatre held in January.
On Tuesdays and Friday

Tripurasundari Temple
Tripurasundari Temple Right View

Sri Tripurasundari Amma Darshan
Normal Entry – ₹0
Special Darshan Ticket – ₹20

Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple Timings 
Temple Opening:  6:00 a.m. 
Temple closing:  7:00 p.m.  

Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple Festival Timings 
Temple Opening:  5:00 a.m. 
Temple closing:  9:30 p.m. 

Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple bank details  for donations
Check on DD in favour of   
Sri Tripura Sundari Amma Temple
village T Narasipura Taluk 

SBM  mugur –  account number  54043 16 18 20 

Note – Please Check the account Number with your bank before any transaction

Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple Website
Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple online booking is not possible as there is no official website, however you can call temple office and enquire about any questions or about seva details    

Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple Email  
No official email address

Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple Phone Number
Tahsildar – T.Narasipura, Mysore district

Landline   + 91 08227-261233
Mobile      + 91 9916090800

Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple Address 
Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple
Moogooru, T.Narasipura taluk
Mysore District,
Karnataka 571124

Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple Accommodation 
There is no temple accommodation at Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple, If you are looking to book rooms online you will have to book rooms at Mysore which is 45 kms from Tripurasundari Amma Temple, or there are a few resorts near Talakadu

Jaladhama Resort Mudukuthore, Talakadu – 571 112 T. Narasipura Taluk, Mysore  

Raya Resort MudukuthoreTalakadu,T. NarasipuraTaluk,Mysore District- 571 112.

Places to visit near Somnathpur

Matthithaleshwara Temple

Muguru Tripurasundari Devi
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Muguru Tripurasundari Pada
Muguru Tripurasundari Devi Temple

Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple Distance
Bangalore to Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple – 197 kilometres 
Mysore to Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple 44 Kms
Somnathpura to Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple– 21 Kms

How to reach Sri Tripurasundari Amma Temple


Every 30 minutes, there is a KSRTC Bus to T Narasipura from Bangalore.
If you are looking to book online through KSRTC website, there are a lot of buses available (
Karnataka Sarige – 163
Busses start from 5.00AM and there are buses available until 10.30 PM

T Narasipura to Tripurasundari Amma Temple
No direct KSRTC Bus from T Narasipura to Tripurasundari Amma Temple. Take KSRTC bus from T Narasipura to Muguru which is 12.5 Kms @ ₹25/ Person, from Muguru to Tripurasundari Amma Temple take shared auto @ ₹10/ Person


Take a train from Bangalore railway station to Mysore Railway station.
The nearest station to Tripurasundari Amma Temple is Mysore station. 
From Mysore station, it is 44 Kms to Tripurasundari Amma Temple.
Bangalore to Mysore Train – 138 Kms – ₹65 – 74

NOTE – please  contact Indian Railways (IRCTC) for better clarity on train timings & updated Pricing 

By Air

Nearest International Airportkempegowda airport Bangalore) is 195 Kms from Tripurasundari Amma Temple.
Nearest Domestic Airport (Mandakalli Airport Mysore) is 50 Kms from Tripurasundari Amma Temple

Road – Bike / Car

Bangalore to Tripurasundari Amma Temple via Mysore road – 151 Kms
Majestic (kempegowda bus station) – Kumbalgodu –  Bidadi – Channapatna – Maddur – KM Doddi – Malavalli – Kiragavalu – Bannur – T Narasipura – Muguru

Bangalore to Tripurasundari Amma Temple via Kanakapura road- 151 Kms
Majestic (kempegowda bus station) – Jayanagar – Thathaguni – Harohalli – Kanakapura – Malavalli – Kiragavalu – Bannur – Somanathapur – T Narasipura – Muguru

Mysore to Tripurasundari Amma Temple via T Narasipura– 44 Kms
Mysore – Chikkalli– Gargeshwari – T Narasipura– Tripurasundari Amma Temple


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