One Short Trip

Travel Packing Checklist

I have tried listing Important thing that you need to carry when you are planning for a short trip. It is very helpful for you to check and make sure you have the right items, to be safe and to have a successful short trip.

I would request you to bookmark this page so that you can refer this packing list, as your trip gets nearer. You can make sure that you have all the essential things when you are leaving. 


Organize Your Stuff For Trip

I would advise you to carry and pack things according to your Destination, Duration, Weather, Activities, Type of Visit (Business, wedding, shopping, exploration), plan with family / solo.

Keeping everything organized is a challenge. As we are in a hurry most of the time, I generally pack layers starting from things that I would not need the most to the products that I might need quite often. I would generally carry lightweight clothes and try folding them properly so that it occupies less space and it fits in my bag properly

If you are planning to do a lot of activities. I would advise you to hire any types of equipment at that particular destination as you could save some space while packing and use that space for other stuff


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Things To Know

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