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Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple - Mulbagal

Anjaneya Swamy temple at Mulubagal taluk, Kolar district, Karnataka, India, is nearly 100 kms from Bangalore – the Capital city of Karnataka. ‘Mulbagal’ the name comes from Kannada word ‘Mudala Bagilu’ meaning the ‘eastern door’ located at the eastern end of the Vijayanagar empire.

History of Veeranjaneya Swamy temple Mulbagal

This temple was constructed during the period of Vijayanagara rulers. The initial temple is believed to be around 5000 years old. The idol of Lord  Veeranjaneya carved out of black granite stone is nearly  12 feet tall. According to legend the idol  of Anjaneya  was installed by one of the Pandava brothers after the war of the Mahabharata. There are many small shrines of ‘Lord Rama,  Lakshmana and Sita’ which is believed to be installed by Sage Vashista. There is an  idol  of ‘Venkateshwara’ believed to have been installed by ‘Brigu Maharshi’ and also a small shrine dedicated to ‘Padmavathi’. There is a lizard carved on  the wall covered  by a brass shield . There  are shrines of Lord  Ranganatha, Lord Lakshmi Narasimha and Lord Chennakeshava in the temple complex.

Mythological importance of Veeranjaneya Swamy temple Mulbagal

According to mythology in Dwapara yuga the period of Mahabharatha, it is believed when Bheemasena (Bheema) ,the Pandava was on his way to bring ‘Sougandhika pushpa’ to Draupadi encounters Lord Anjaneya. Bheema recognising this divine encounter, the strength and valor of Lord Anjaneya bows at him and requests him to succour during  the war of Mahabharata. As requested Lord Anjaneya resides in the flag of Anjuna’s Chariot and helps them in the war. After the war gets over Anjuna first gets down from the chariot, then Sri Krishna gets down and  tells Anjuna to remove the flag  from the chariot. As soon as the flag gets removed ,the chariot catches fire and burns down to ashes. Then Sri Krishna tells Arjuna about Lord Anjanaya’s help. The Pandavas thank Lord Anjaneya with staunch devotion. After this, Arjuna with gratitude to Lord Anjaneya gets an idol carved out by Devashilpi ‘Maya’, and as per the order of Lord Krishna, instals this idol in ‘Kadalivana’ and decorates it with “Kedage pushpa”. The then ‘Kadalivana’ is now called as ‘Mulubagal’. (‘Kedage’ also called ‘Taale hoovu’ in Kannada,  also called  ‘Kewda’)

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Beliefs and Rituals of Veeranjaneya Swamy temple Mulbagal

People visiting Tirumala Tirupathi temple on the way visit this temple and take his blessings. Every Saturday there will be special pooja, Abhisheka (anointing) and distribution of prasada. The other major events celebrated are during the month of ‘Shravana’ on the Saturdays, and on the days of ‘Hanuman Jayanthi’.  There is a lizard carved on the temple wall of Lord Venkateshwara which is covered with bass Kavacha (shield). People visiting this temple touch this and take its blessing. It is believed they will be freed from the ill effects of Lizard falling on their body.  This temple has undergone many added construction and renovations since ages. 

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Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple Mulbagal Darshan
Normal Entry – ₹0
Special Darshan Ticket – ₹20 (Available During Special Days)

Veeranjaneya Swamy temple Mulbagal Timings 
Mon – Sun: 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM 

Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple Mulbagal Pooja Timings 
Abhisheka timing :  8:30 a.m. 
Mahamangalarathi :  10:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. 

Best time to visit Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple Mulbagal
All round the year

Veeranjaneya Swamy temple Mulbagal Website
No official Website

Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple Mulbagal Email  
No official email address  

Veeranjaneya Swamy temple Mulbagal Phone Number 
Phone  – 081592 46059

Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple Mulbagal Address 
V. Gangapura Gangamma temple Street,
Mulbagal, Karnataka 563131

Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple Mulbagal Accommodation
There is no accommodation available for visitors inside or near the temple
There are hotels available in Mulbagal or at Kolar.
Online room booking is available in all below listed hotels. 

Sai Nandhini A/C Lodge
Harsha Residency
Hotel Saidham
GK Hill View Resort
Thavaru Homestay

Places to Visit near Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple Mulbagal

Garuda temple – Mulbagal
Someshwara temple – Kurudumale
Kurudumale Ganasha temple

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Veeranjaneya Swamy temple Mulbagal Distance
Bangalore to Veeranjaneya Swamy temple Mulbagal – 95 kilometres 
Kolar to Veeranjaneya Swamy temple Mulbagal – 30 kilometres 
Mulbagal to Veeranjaneya Swamy temple Mulbagal – 200 Mts

How to reach Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple Mulbagal

BMTC (Bus)

KSRTC and Private Buses are available from Bangalore to Mulbagal (fare: ₹80/-), you can opt for direct bus to Mulbagal or can take buses that go to Tirupati, get down at Mulbagal Junction or at the bus stop from there you reach temple by walk 200 Mts


Express train is available to Bangarapet Junction from Bangalore (fare: ₹85/-), From Railway station you can take a taxi or Auto (fare: ₹100/-).

NOTE –  please do contact Indian Railways (IRCTC) for better clarity on train timings & updated Pricing


Nearest International Airport (Kempegowda International Airport) is 95.00 Kms from Veeranjaneya Swamy temple Drivetime approximately 2 Hours – 2 Hours 15 min

Bike / Car
Majestic (kempegowda bus station) – Indiranagar– Krishnarajapuram – Konadasapura – Hoskote –  Kolar – Mulbagal – Garuda temple Koladevi

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