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Bhoo Varahasswamy temple - Kallahalli

Bhoo Verahaswamy temple in Varahanatha, Kallahalli Village , KR pete Taluku ,Mandya district ,Karnataka state India is around 2500 years old,which was installed by Sage Gautama (Gautama Maharshi) .  The temple is situated on the west side banks of the river Hemavathi. 

About Bhoo varahaswamy temple

The idol of Bhoo Varahaswamy, the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu ( Vishnu in the form of a wild  boar) , a monolith carved out of saligrama shila a grey stone . The idol is believed to be around 2500 years old,  installed by Gowthama maharshi  who had performed penance in this place . Hence this place is considered as a Punya kshetra.

Story of Bhoo Varahaswamy Temple


According to the legend, there was a dense forest in this region. Once Hoysala king Veera Ballala III, had  lost his way in this forest while hunting ,So he took shelter under a tree.  When he was sleeping under a tree to take rest, he saw some wild  hunting dogs chasing  a drove of hares .The hares ran over a small hillock, to escape from the hunting dogs. After some time he saw the drove of  hares chasing back the hunting dogs and the dogs running to escape from the hare. On seeing this strange sight the King felt there was something magical about that place.  He ordered his  soldiers to dig the hillock . On digging ,they  found a part of an idol. Hence the king ordered to digup the whole hillock. They found a huge  idol of Varahaswamy ,  and later the king got it installed.  Deva Devi was the queen of Veeraballala III  .   He constructed an ‘Agrahara’ in her name. This Agrahara was not a normal one , like where the brahmin priest lived with his family. 

It was a school streatched accross 40 kms in radius around the temple, where people of all castes lived. Here they were taught the skills which ever they loved to learn , like the  archery  etc. These type of Agrahara existed prior year 1835. This temple was given to ‘Parakala mutt’ to be taken care , during the period of Mummadi Krishna Raja wodeyar. Along with the temple ,surrounding five villages were also given . Since then the pooja ceremony and the temple was run under the guidance of Parakala mutt. The temple has stood to tell the tale after facing years of weathering due to sun , rain and floods.

Bhoo Varaha Swamy Temple, Kallahalli

About the idol of Bhu Varahaswamy

The idol of Bhu Varahaswamy is a monolith made of greystone, Saligrama shila (believed to be found in Gandaki River). It is 18 feet tall, sitting with one leg folded, and the other leg touching the ground. Varaha means wild boar. (The head of a boar with a human body). The teeth (Canine teeth or tusks) of the boar (Varaha diety) is lighter in Colour compared to the rest of the body and the diety has red eyes. On the thigh of the folded left leg is goddess Bhoodev (lakshmi) seated, holding a loter flower in her left arm and holding the waist of the lord in the other hand. The idol of Behoodevi is 3.5feet tall. The upper right hand of the lord is holding Sudharshana Chakra and the upper left hand is holding a Conch. The lower right is in the Abhaya mudra and the lower left hand is embracing the goddess. The crown(Kirita) is very big.

About Bhoo Varahasswamy temple-Kallahalli

The temple was in low profile for many years. . Around 8-10 years ago an industrialist from Dubai, Mr Chandrashekar came to India looking out for a huge idol of Varahaswamy which was disturbing him in his dream for a long time. He visited India in search of the idol which he had seen in his dream. He talked to people about it and many of them had taken him to different Varahaswamy temples. He had to return to Dubai many times dissappointed. After persistent searching he got an information about this idol. The idol was covered with white cloth to save it from dust ,as the temple was in ruins. On constant request the priest and the committee members of the Parakala mutt obliged to open and show the idol. On seeing this he confirmed that this was the one which he had been seeing in his dream and came forward to renovate the temple. He donated Rs 50 lakhs for the starting the renovation of the temple which was joined by others like one Mr. Balakrishna who joined him by donating Rs 10 lakhs .
The temple stucture is very simple. The rectangular building is built with granite stone blocks. At present it has two units, the sanctum and a small hall .There are two doorways ,one in the front and one to the side. The temple is still under construction. In front of the temple is a stone slab with Devanagari inscription which tells us about the temple.

Rituals at Kallahalli Bhoo Varahaswamy temple

There are a few rituals and beliefs followed at Kallahalli Bhoo Varahaswamy temple. The speciality of this temple is, they perform buick and mud / sand pooja. It is believed that by doing brick pooja, one’s dream of building a house will be fulfilled. After performing pooja to the bricks, the same bricks will be used during the construction of the building to ward-off any hassles. Mud or sand from the temple is taken and given for & pooja. It is believed by doing so it ensures completion of pending work. (Bricks and sand are sold at the temple premises).


Special pooja and abhishekha to BhooVarahaswamy at Kallahalli temple

Special pooja is performed to the diety by anointing Turmeric, Sandalwood, and Kumkum.. Also during special occasions anointing is done using 500 litres of milk, 500 litres of sugar cane juice (No sugar is used),around 300 litres of Tender coconut water , Honey is used minimally,
Curd and ghee is used ‘symbolically’ (as it may cause damage to the idol).

Bhojana shala at Kallahalli Bhoo Varahaswamy temple

There is a separate hall where prasada, annadana is served everyday from 9am to 8pm

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Bhoo Varahaswamy temple Special Entry Fees
Entry fees – ₹0

Bhoo Varahaswamy temple Timings 
Monday to Sunday  9:30am to 1:30pm and 3:30pm to 7:30pm 

Best time to Visit Bhoo Varahaswamy temple
All round the year

Special Seva at Bhoo Varahaswamy temple

  • Mruthika pooja -₹100/- 
  • Bhoo suktha parayana –  ₹500/- 
  • Goseva – ₹2000/- 
  • Revathi abhishekha seva ( sankalpa seva) – ₹1000/-
  • Ksheerabhisheka – ₹10,000/- 
  • Annadhana on abhishekha day – ₹30,000/- ) 
  • Annadana  on Sunday for entire day – ₹10,000/- 

Bhoo Varahaswamy temple Website

Bhoo Varahaswamy temple Email

Bhoo Varahaswamy temple Phone Number  
Phone : 9448011535 / 9449009711

Bhoo Varahaswamy temple Address  

Sri Bhoovarahanatha Swamy Temple
Varahanatha kallahalli,
Ganjigere post, Bookanakere Hobali
K R Pet Taluk
Mandya District, Karnataka – 571426

Bhoo Varaha Swamy Temple, Kallahalli 7
Bhoo Varaha Swamy Temple, Kallahalli 6

Bhoo Varahaswamy temple  Accommodation

The temple has no accommodation facilities for devotees.
There are Good Hotels available near KRS or you can reach Mysore

Places near Bhoo Varahaswamy temple
Daria Daulat Bagh / Tipu Sultan Summer Palace 
Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary  
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Bhoo Varaha Swamy Temple, Kallahalli 9
Bhoo Varaha Swamy Temple, Kallahalli 3
Bhoo Varaha Swamy Temple, Kallahalli 1
Bhoo Varaha Swamy Temple, Kallahalli 8

Bhoo Varahaswamy temple Distance
From Bangalore – 181 kilometres  
From Mysore – 46 kilometres  
From Krishnaraja Sagara Dam (KRS) – 25 kilometres

How to reach Bhoo Varahaswamy temple

KSRTC (Bus)  

KSRTC and Private Buses are available from Bangalore to Mysore (fare: ₹160/-) from there you can reach Krishnaraja Sagara Dam (KRS) , from Krishnaraja Sagara Dam (KRS) or from Ballenahalli shared autos and buses are available to reach the temple


Express train is available to Mysore from Bangalore (fare: ₹70/-), From Railway station, you can take an auto to City bus stop, from city bus stop you can take bus to Krishnaraja Sagara Dam (KRS) , from Krishnaraja Sagara Dam (KRS) or from Ballenahalli shared autos and buses are available to reach the temple

NOTE –  please do contact Indian Railways (IRCTC) for better clarity on train timings & updated Pricing


Nearest International Airportkempegowda airport Bangalore) is 162 Kms from Bhoo Varahaswamy temple.

Nearest Domestic Airport (Mandakalli Airport Mysore) is 60 Kms from KuntiBetta.

Bike / Car
Bangalore to Mysore

Majestic (Kempe Gowda bus station) – Nayandahalli – Bidadi – Kengeri – Ramanagara –  Channapattana – Madduru- Mandya- Srirangapattana- Chinakuruli- Bhoo Varahaswamy temple

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