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Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake is a sacred lake located in Pushkar town, Ajmer district, Rajasthan state, India.

Mythological Significance Of Pushkar Lake

The lake of Pushkar has a religious significance and has mythological importance. According to the legend, Lord Brahma was worried that he did not have a place of worship on Earth unlike other Gods. On the advice from Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma killed Vajranabha a demon during which three petals from his divine lotus (from his hand) fell here, creating springs in their place. Hence known as Pushkar (Pushpa- flower, Kar- hand). These three lakes were later called Jyeshta Pushkar, Madhya Pushkar and Kanishta Pushkar. 

  • Jyeshta Pushkar is dedicated to Lord Brahma.
  • Madhya Pushkar is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.
  • Kanishta Pushkar is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

 The lake is semi-circular in shape with a depth of about 9 to 10 mts. There are 52 Ghats around the Pushkar lake. Some of the important ghats are: Gou-ghat, Brahma-ghat, Kapalmochan-ghat, Yag-ghat.

About Pushkar lake

Pushkar lake is one of the holy sites for Hindus also known as ‘Thirtharaj’. The lake  is surrounded by 500 temples and 52 bathing ghats. People from all over the country come here to take a holy dip in the sacred water of Pushkar. During the Kartik Poornima (full moon day) in the month of Katik, which falls after deepavali (october-november) is considered very auspicious and is believed to purify and wash away the sins

Pushkar festival

Pushkar Mela (fair) a five day festival is held every year during the months of October-November. It is one of the world’s largest camel fairs. During this period people from all over India and abroad plan to visit this place for buying/selling of livestock and to see the camel race held here.

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Entry Fees
No Entry fees

Monday to Sunday – Any Time

Best time to visit the Lake
October to March,
Summers are very hot.

No Official Website

No Email Address

Phone Number
No official Contact Number

Pushkar Lake Address 
Ganahera, Pushkar, 
Rajasthan 305022

Pushkar Lake Accommodation
There are a lot Boarding & Lodging options in the city, and also near the lake.
However if you are looking for Royal Accomodation (Heritage Properties) you can check – Heritage

Places to Visit Near the Lake

Ajmer Dargah
Brahma Temple
Taragarh Fort
Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra
Akbari Fort & Museum
Ajmer Jain temple


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Pushkar Lake Distance
From Ajmer- 16 kilometres
From Jaipur – 146 kilometres  
From Jodhpur- 188 kilometres
From New Delhi – 406 kilometres

How to reach Pushkar Lake


Direct buses to Ajmer are available from Delhi Jaipur Jodhpur or Jaisalmer

You can also take shared auto rickshaw (Tuk-Tuk) to the Lake from Ajmer City which is 16 kilometres,  ₹250/ Person

Private auto rickshaw to the temple ₹550/One way, ₹800 both ways


The city is well connected from all sides, you can take taxi from Ajmer Junction railway station , or take the passenger train to Pushkar Terminal (Travel time approximately 01 Hours)

Lake is 800 metres from Central Railway Station, lot of Auto Rickshaw would be available ₹10/One way, ₹20 both ways


Nearest Jaipur International Airport (International / Domestic Airport) is 157 kilometres from Brahma Temple Pushkar Drivetime approximately 03 Hours

Bike / Car
Ajmer Bus Station –  Mahaveer Colony –  Nausar Ghati – Parasar Colony – Ganahera – Pushkar – Pushkar Lake

NOTE – Information mentioned above is completely based the information that i received from the tourist guide

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