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Sachiya Mata Temple - Osiyan

Situated on a hill lock, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Sachiya Matha (wife of Lord Indra). Both Hindus and Jains worship this goddess,Osiyan Mata is also known as Sachiya Matha. It is believed this temple was constructed during the 9th and 10th century. The devotees of this temple belong to Oswal, Brahmin, Sonar, Rajput, Parnar etc..

The temple on the hill lock can be reached by climbing a flight of 100 steps. As we ascent the stairs we can see arches on which beautiful carvings welcome you. The main chamber enshrines Sachiya Mata. To the north of the temple complex is Varaha (Lord Vishnu), to the East of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Inside the temple complex are two separate temples dedicated to Goddess Chandi and Goddess Amba.

Mythological story of Sachiya Mata Temple

Saatchi (Sachi) was the daughter of Asura (demon) King Pauloma. Vritra who worked as an army chief in Pauloma’s army wanted to marry Sachi. But Sachi disliked the idea of marrying him as she felt it was a disgrace to marry her father’s servant. Vritra resigned from the service and sat in meditation of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva blessed him with a boon that he could not be killed with any known weapon. Happy with the boon he got, Vritra set out on an expedition with his army to build a Kingdom bigger than King Pauloma.  

Lord Indra (the King of Gods) had to defend. Pauloma’s kingdom from Vritra(vrut). As Indira knew the boon Vritra had received (boon of immortality), he approaches Sage Dadhichi, who had bones stronger than any known weapon. Dadhichi sacrificed himself and gave his bones to Indira, from which Indira prepared a weapon known as ‘Vajrayudha’.

Vritras army met Lord Indra’s army in the battlefield. Indira propose two conditions: 

  • Only they both will fight and the armies will not be used 
  • The winner would marry Sachi. Indira killed Vritra using ‘Vajrayudha’, emerged victorious and married Sachi. 
Sachiya Mata Temple

Sachiya Mata Temple Entry Fees
No Entry Fees

Sachiya Mata Temple Timings 
Monday to Sunday – 6:00 a.m. to 7:15 p.m.
Puja Aarti timings Morning Aarti – 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.
Evening Aarti 20 minutes after sunset
During Navratri temple is open till 10 p.m. 

Best time to visit Sachiya Mata Temple
October to March,
Navratri timing is very special

Sachiya Mata Temple Website
There is no official website

Sachiya Mata Temple Email
No official email address

Minimum time required to see Sachiya Mata Temple
30 min – 1 hour

Sachiya Mata Temple Phone Number
Landline   +91-02922-274260

Sachiya Mata Temple Address 
Jodhpur – Bikaner Highway,
Osian, Rajasthan 342303

Osiyan Mata Temple Accommodation 

There is no accommodation inside Osiyan Mata Temple. there are lot of hostels guesthouses, apartments, tents and cottages available just a few kilometers away from the temple
However if you are looking for Royal Accomodation (Heritage Properties) you can check – Heritage

Sachiya Mata Temple
Sachiya Mata Temple
Sachiya Mata Temple
Sachiya Mata Temple
Sachiya Mata Temple
Sachiya Mata Temple
Sachiya Mata Temple
Sachiya Mata Temple
Sachiya Mata Temple
Sachiya Mata Temple
Sachiya Mata Temple

Osiyan Mata Temple Distance

Jodhpur City – 70 kilometres
Ajmer- 221 kilometres
From Jaipur – 358 kilometres  
From Udaipur – 317 kilometres
From Sirohi – 246 

Places to Visit Near Osiyan Mata Temple

Mehrangarh Fort 
Jaswant Thada 
Umaid Bhawan Palace
Mahavira Jain temple – Osian 
Kaylana lake 
Rao Jodha desert Rock Park 
Chamunda Mata temple 
Balsamand lake
Clock Tower

How to reach Sachiya Mata Temple


Direct buses to Jodhpur are available from Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Sirohi and Jaisalmer.

On  Reaching Jodhpur City you can take Government Buses or Taxi to the Sachiya Mata Temple which is 70 kilometres.


The city is well connected from all sides, you can take Bus or taxi from Jodhpur Junction railway station. it is is 60 kilometres from here, or you can take a train to Osiyan railway station, direct trains are available from Jodhpur Junction railway station.

From Osiyan railway station the temple is at a distance of 1.5 Kms , you can walk or take a auto


Nearest Jodhpur International Airport (International / Domestic Airport) is 67 kilometres from Sachiya Mata Temple. Drive-time approximately 1 Hour 20 Min – 2 Hours

Bike / Car
Jodhpur  –  Narwa –  Tiwari –  Osiyan – Osiyan Mata Temple

NOTE – Information mentioned above is completely based the information that i received from the tourist guide

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