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Srirangapatna Fort

About Srirangapatna Fort

The fort of Srirangapatna famously known as Tippu’s Fort located along the Kaveri river basin in Srirangapatna,Mandya district. It is located at a distance of 120Kms from Bangalore.Srirangapattana is also known as historical city since it witness many historical events.The Fort of Srirangapatna is 2nd difficult forts in India because of its natural protection from River Cauvery. In the wall of the fort, the year of construction is encrypted in the Persian language. 

The fort of Srirangapatna encloses 240 acres of land area. Inside the fort 1500 houses were located with a population of 6000 people during the Tippu’s period. The wall of the fort is made of size stone masonry having a height of 40 feet’s.The Lal Mahal (Palace of Tippu) was located inside the fort.It was belied to be built beautifully with audience hall, Women’s quarters (Zenana)and library.The fort of Srirangapatna was provided with good drainage facilities. Along the walls of fort riffle shooting holes and places for placing large guns can be seen. Inside the fort, there were Rocket courts from there Tippus army used to launch missiles.

History of Srirangapatna Fort

Srirangapatna fort is located on the banks of river Cauvery.The fort of Srirangapatna was built by Timmanna Nayaka ruler of Vijayanagar Empireduring 1454 CE. During 1454 CE the fort was built in mud. In the year 1654, the fort was rebuilt by Kantirava Nasaraj Wadiyar. After Vijaynagara Empire the fort was ruled by various rulers like Wadiyar’s of Mysore (1495), Nawab of Arcot, Peshwas, and Marathas. The Wadiyar king Chikkadevaraya Wadiyar ruled this place from 1673 to 1704. During the period of King Krishnaraja Wadiayar (1734-60) strong military army was maintained. The army general was appointed as Hyder Ali. Hyder Ali agreed to attack the fort with Maratha for Rs.32 lakhs. During the attack, Hyder Ali defeated both the kings captured the fort. 

Srirangapatna was ruled by Hyder Ali and his son Tippu sultan till the end of 1799 (4th Anglo Mysore war). During the period of Tippu Sulthan importance was given to fort. The fort was modified by French architects.The fort is surrounded by River Cauvery in west and Northern sides. The fort of Srirangapatna was having Sri Ranganathaswamy temple, Narasimha Swamy temple Tippu palace(Lal Mahal) inside. The Lal Mahal was demolished by the British during 4th Anglo Mysore war. The fort of Srirangapatna has 7 outlets and 2 prisons.

The British were defeated by Tippu sultan in successive wars. The British made plan attack fort of Srirangapatna.In the 4th attack of the fort of Sriragapatna British agreed with Queen of Wadiyar dynasty and took her help.British prepared army of 2494 soldiers knowing that Tippu army has only 1882 soldiers.The soldiers were made to stay in the trenches waited till the watchmen of Srirangapatna fort to go for lunch. Army lead by British officer Wellesley defeated Tippu sultan army and killed Tippu Sulthan. The weapon and ring of Tippu sultan are still preserved in the British Museum.

Srirangapatna Fort 2
Delhi Gate Srirangapatna

Architecture of Srirangapatna Fort

The Srirangapatana fort was constructed in Indo-Islamic style of architecture. The Persian style can be seen in the fort architecture. The fort was designed by French architects.The fort was designed in a triangle shape. The west and northern parts of the fort were guarded naturally by River Cauvery. In the South and east parts, Canals were constructed. Canals were filled with water from and crocodiles were left for protection. This technique made Tippus fort difficult to attack. The fort of Srirangapatna has double-wall defence system.The fort of Sriranagapatna had 7 entrance and 2 prisons at lower chambers of the fort. The fort has 4 main entrance Delhi, Bangalore Mysore and Water, elephant entrance. The prisons in the lower chamber of the fort were used to imprison captured British soldiers. The prisons are designed in such a way that the British soldiers inside the prison are submerged in water till neck for 20 hours in a day. 

Delhi Gate Srirangapatna 2
Delhi Gate Srirangapatna 3
Delhi Gate Srirangapatna 1
Armoury Srirangapatna 1
Armoury Srirangapatna 2
Armoury Srirangapatna 3
Tipu's Death place

Srirangapatna Fort Entry Fees
No Entry Fees

Srirangapatna Fort Timings 
Mon – Sun : 8.30 AM to 6.00 PM

Best time to Visit
monsoon (June to Oct)

Colonel Bailey's Dungeon 5
Colonel Bailey's Dungeon 1
Colonel Bailey's Dungeon 10
Ranganathaswamy Temple Srirangapatna
Ranganathaswamy Temple Srirangapatna 5
Ranganathaswamy Temple Srirangapatna Small Kalyani

Srirangapatna Fort Website 
There is no official website

Srirangapatna Fort Email  
No official email address

Srirangapatna Fort Phone Number  
No Contact Number  

Tipu Sultan Fort Srirangapatna,
Karnataka 571438

Jumma Masjid Srirangapatna 6
Lal Mahal Palace (1)
Lal Mahal Palace 2
Lal Mahal Palace 3
Jumma Masjid Srirangapatna 1
Jumma Masjid Srirangapatna 2
Jumma Masjid Srirangapatna 8

There has no accommodation facility Inside the fort
There are Good hotels available in Srirangapatana which has online booking facilities. Some of the hotels are listed below. 

Thomas Inman Dungeon Srirangapatna 1
Thomas Inman Dungeon Srirangapatna 3
Thomas Inman Dungeon Srirangapatna 4
Thomas Inman Dungeon Srirangapatna 7
Thomas Inman Dungeon Srirangapatna (8)
Obelisk Srirangapatna 7
Obelisk Srirangapatna 34

From Bangalore – 124 kilometres
From Mysore – 20 kilometres
From Srirangapatna bus stop – 0.5 kilometres
From Srirangapatna railway station – 2.5 kilometres

How to reach

KSRTC (Bus)  

KSRTC and Private Buses are available from Bangalore to  Mysore(fare: ₹110/-) from there you can reach Srirangapatna bus stop.
from there you can reach Srirangapatana bus stop. From there fort can be reached by walk (650 metres)
Uber is also available from Mysore city it costs fare: ₹210/-.


Trains are available from Mysore and Bangalore, you have to get down at Srirangapatna  or Pandavapura Railway Station. (fare: ₹45/-) from Bangalore. 

From railway station one has to board bus No.307 get down near Masjid stop (fare: ₹7/-) from there the fort is walkable. Auto and cabs also available from railway station (fare: ₹30/-)

NOTE –  please do contact Indian Railways (IRCTC) for better clarity on train timings & updated Pricing.


Nearest International Airportkempegowda airport Bangalore) is 166 Kms from the Temple.

Nearest Domestic Airport (Mandakalli Airport Mysore) is 38 Kms from the Temple

Bike / Car
Bangalore to Mysore

Majestic (Kempe Gowda bus station) – Nayandahalli – Bidadi – Kengeri – Ramanagara –  Channapattana – Madduru- Mandya- Srirangapattana – Fort Entrance

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