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Dilwara Temples

Dilwara Temple, Mount Abu, Rajasthan state, India is also known as ‘Dilwada’ Temple. It is 2 and 1/2 kilometre from Mount Abu City. These Jain temples were built by Vimal Shah and designed by Vastupala, a Jain minister of Dholka, between 11th and 16th century. 

Dilwara Temple story 

Vimal Shah, a Jain minister had bought this land by giving gold coins. The story goes like he laid the gold coins and bought this piece of land to build this temple. But that night, he was not able to sleep as he felt that the gaps between the coins laid was taken illegally. So he called all the brahmins to whom he had given the coins and took back the coins. Later he got them made into gold biscuits and laid them on the ground so that there was no gaps left and this shows how much of devotion was gone into the construction of this temple.  

They are built using white marble and there are intricate marble carvings spread over the ceilings, the door ways and pillars.  From outside, the temple looks very normal with high walls surrounding the complex, but the temple interior showcases an extraordinary work of craftsmanship. 

Temples inside the complex

 The temple complex consists of temples devoted to five Jain Tirthankaras built at different times in history.   

  • Shri Mahaveer Swami Temple  
  • Shri Adinath Temple  
  • Shri Parshavnath Temple  
  • Shri Rishabh Daoji temple  
  • Shri Neminath Ji Temple
Dilwara Temple

Shri Mahaveer Swami Temple  

  • This small temple structure dedicated to Lord Mahavira was constructed in 1582. Through the temple is small, there are marvelous carvings on its walls and the upper walls off the porch are pictures painted in 1764 by the artists of Sirohi.   

Shri Adinath Temple / Vimala vasahi Temple

  • This temple is dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankar Shri Aadinath. It was built in 1031 AD by Vimah Shah, a minister of Bhima I, the Chalukya king of Gujarat. The temple surrounded by a corridor, stands on an open courtyard. The pillars on the corridor is richly carved and on the ceilings, designs of flowers, petals, Lotus buds are engraved.  The ‘Hati-shala’ (elephant courtyard) was constructed by Prithvi Pal (1147-1149), a descendant of Vimal Shah, features a row of elephants sculptures. The temple also has the ‘Guda Mandapa’, a small hall decorated with image of Shri Aadinath.    

Shri Parshvanath Temple /  Khartar Vasahi Temple

  •  This temple is dedicated to the 23rd Jain Tirthankar, Shri Parshvanatha. The temple was built by Mandlik (1458-1459). It is the tallest of all the shrines at Dilwara which consists of a three story building. On the ground floor are four big mandaps, on all four faces of the sanctum. The outer wall of the sanctum comprise beautiful sculpture in grey sand stone.  

Shri Rishabh Dev Ji temple / Peethalhar Temple  

  • This temple was built by Bheem Shah, a minister of Sultan Begada of Allahabad. There is a huge statue of the first tirthankara, Rishabh Dev made out of brass (pital- hindi), which weighs 4 metric tonnes. The statue is 8 feet high, 5.5 feet broad and 41 inch thick.   

Shri Neminath Ji Temple / The Luna Vasahi

  • This temple dedicated to Lord Neminath was built in 1230 by Porwad brothers, Vastupal and Tejpal, ministers of Virdhaval, the Vaghela ruler of Gujarat. The idol of Shri Neminath ji is made of black marble, which is a contrast to all the other idols found here. Rag Mandapa hall has 360 tiny idols of Jain Tirthankar all minutely crafted, made of white marble.
Dilwara Temple

Dilwara Temple Entry Fees
No Entry fees

Dilwara Temple Timings 
Monday to Sunday  – 
Jains 6:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.
Tourist 12 noon to 6:00 p.m 

Best time to visit Dilwara Temple
October to June
As a hill station summers are cool, reaches 28- 30 degree centigrade.
Winters (November – February) will be around 10 degree centigrade
Rainy (June to October) will be around  17 to 24 degree centigrade 

Visit Duration
1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes

Dilwara Temple Website

Dilwara Temple Email

Dilwara Temple Phone Number 
Landline  – 02974-235222

Dilwara Temple Address 
Dilwara Temple, 
Delwara, Mount Abu,
Rajasthan 307501

Dilwara Temple Accommodation 

There is no accommodation inside the temple, if you are looking for rooms at Dharamshala , please find the link below. However there are a few Boarding & Lodging options at Mt Abu.

However if you are looking for Royal Accomodation (Heritage Properties) you can check – Heritage

Dilwara Temple
Dilwara Temple
Dilwara Temple
Dilwara Temple
Dilwara Temple
Dilwara Temple
Dilwara Temple
Dilwara Temple
Dilwara Temple
Dilwara Temple

Dilwara Temple Distance

From Mount Abu- 3 kilometres
From Jaipur – 495 kilometres  
From Jodhpur- 263 kilometres
From Udaipur – From 165 kilometres
from Sirohi – 84 

Places to Visit Near Dilwara Temple

Mount Abu wildlife santuary
Brahma Kumaris 
Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple 
Nakki Lake 
Trevors Tank

Dilwara Temple
Dilwara Temple

How to reach Dilwara Temple


Direct buses to Mt Abu are available from Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Sirohi,
from Mt Abu you can hire a taxi, as it would be one of the easiest was to cover all the places in a single day

There are direct buses available from Mt Abu city to the temple 


The city is well connected from all sides, you can take auto rickshaw or taxi from Abu Road railway station to Dilwara Temple which is approximately 29 kilometres


Nearest Maharana Pratap Airport Udaipur (International / Domestic Airport) is 178 kilometres from Dilwara Temple Drivetime approximately 03 Hours 10 Min

Bike / Car
Rajendra Rd – Internal Security Academy – Delwara Road – Jain Shvetambar Dharmashala – Dilwara Temple

NOTE – Mobile phones and camera are strictly prohobited
Information mentioned above is completely based the information that i received from the tourist guide

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