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Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh Fort is 10 kilometers away from Jaipur city, Rajasthan State, India. It is situated 500 feet above the sea level on the promontory of the Aravali Range. It overlooks the Amer Fort and the Maota Lake near Amer in Jaipur. It is also called ‘Cheel-Ka-Teela’ meaning ‘hill of eagles’.

Raja Jai Singh II built the fort in 1726 to protect Amer Fort. Hence, it is named after Raja Jaisingh as ‘Jaigarh Fort’. Amer Fort was the fort built as the king’s residence whereas this Fort was built for king’s army to reside and practice. According to the historians, it is said the construction of the fort was started by ‘Mirza Raja Jaisingh’ (1621 – 1667) but was continued by ‘Sawal Jaisingh’ (1700 – 1743).

There are 3 entrances to the Fort

  • Doongar Darwaza
  • Behru Darwaza  
  • Aavani Darwaza.

As we enter inside, a huge tank can be seen which was once a treasury . They say underneath this huge tank are rooms that were accessed through secret passages. As we get inside the Fort, we see an assembly hall for warriors called ‘Subhat Nivas’ also called ‘Diwan-e-Aam’, where the Raja would hold a general meeting with his military officers. If the king wanted to hold a confidential meeting, there is another place called ‘Khilbhat Nivas’ also called ‘Diwan-e-Khas’. In Subhat Nivas now you can see old coolers which were used by the royal family.

Importance of Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh fort acted as an emergency fort to the Kings of Jaipur. The ruler of Jaipur lived in Amer fort, which can be seen from Jaigarh fort. If there was an attack on Amer Fort, the king’s family would escape to Jaigarh fort through secret passages (tunnel). ‘Aavani Gate’ is the connecting gate from Amer fort to Jaigarh fort.  

Bhojan Shala 

Bhojan Shala was a place where the Raja with his ministers would have lunch while there was a separate section for the ladies. This Bhojan Shala, was constructed by Mirza Raja Jaisingh (1621 – 1667) during his rule. Here you can see how they would arrange the Thali (food culture) and the dresses worn during that period which is kept on display. Equipment used during those days for grinding and powdering is displayed in the kitchen.   


There is also a museum inside the fort where you can see different varieties of arms used during those days like swords, guns, bombs and a dummy of Cannon. We also see a stone ball used for Jaiwan Cannon.


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Jaiwan Cannon

Jaiwan Cannon is one of the biggest Cannon in the world of this kind which is standing on the wheels. According to the official data given here, it was cast in 1720 during the reign of Maharaja Sawai Jaisingh II (1699 – 1743), at the foundry in Jaigarh.  It’s 20 feet long barrel weighs 50 tonnes, with a diameter of 11 inches. Width of the cannon is 8 Feet and 7.5 Inches, and the wheels are approximately 9 feet tall. Its firing range is 22 miles (35.4 kms) and 100 kg gunpowder was used for 1 fire.

Though a destructive weapon, it is beautifully decorated with carvings of trees and an elephant on the mouth and a pair of birds at the end. This is a unique piece of art made by the skilled craft men of Amber. It was used only once for testing purpose, because of the strong defense system and foresightedness of the rulers, enemies never dared to enter this fort and therefore there arose no necessity for its use again, and later it was protected with a fence during the reign of Maharaja Ramsingh II (1835-1880). 

Its main characteristic is that it can be turned in all directions for firing with the help of two back wheels and rolling pin fixed near them. This wonder is a valuable ancestral heritage.

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Jaigarh Fort Entry Fees
Indians – ₹70
Foreign Tourist – ₹300
Students – 40

Jaigarh Fort Timings 
Monday to Sunday  – 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Best time to visit
November to February 

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Jaigarh Fort Website

Jaigarh Fort Email

Jaigarh Fort Phone Number 
Landline   +91-141-2822863,
Landline   +91-141-2822864

Jaigarh Fort Address 
Devisinghpura, Amer,
Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaigarh Fort Accommodation 

There is no accommodation inside the fort, there are a few Boarding & Lodging near the fort.
However if you are looking for Royal Accomodation (Heritage Properties) you can check – Heritage

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Jaigarh Fort Distance
From Jaipur – 15 kilometres  
From Ajmer- 151 kilometres  
From Jodhpur- 367 kilometres
From New Delhi – 254 kilometres

How to reach Jaigarh Fort


AC1 direct busses available from the Jaipur City
Ticket Approximately  ₹20 – 
25 Person. (Duration 45 Min)

You can also take shared auto rickshaw (Tuk-Tuk) to the fort from Jaipur City which is 15 kilometres,  ₹10/ Person /Per Kilometer

Private auto rickshaw to the fort  – ₹500/One way, ₹850 both ways


The city is well connected from all sides, you can take auto rickshaw or taxi from Jaipur Junction railway station.


Though the distance from Amer Fort to Jaigarh Fort is just 1.1 kilometres, everyone cannot trek. For trekkers and youngsters it is easy to walk. The other option is to go back to the base of Amer fort and drive to Fort which is 7 km. There is a 1.5km long secret tunnel connecting the Amber and Jaigarh Fort. This tunnel which was previously open to the public is now closed.


Nearest Jaipur International Airport (International / Domestic Airport) is 20 kilometres from the fort
Drivetime approximately 40min –  1hr   

Bike / Car
Jaipur city bus station) – Ajmer Road –  MI Road –  Pink City – Brahampuri – Lal Mahal –  Jaigarh Fort Road – Jaigarh Fort

NOTE – Information mentioned above is completely based the information that i received from the tourist guide

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