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Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

About Ranganathittu

Ranganathittu Bird sanctuary is the largest bird sanctuary in Karnataka. This place is called as Pakshi Kashi of Karnataka. Ranganathittu bird sanctuary is named in the name of Lord Ranganatha. The beautiful bird sanctuary located in the banks of river Cauvery. The bird sanctuary spread around 40 acres of land it is an important nesting place for exotic birds. 

The Ranaganathittu bird sanctuary is maintained by the forest department of Karnataka. From the year 1940, this place is declared as a protected area (Mysore kings period). Now the forest depart is making an effort to purchase surrounding private land and extend the boundaries of  Sanctuary. In the year 2014 surrounding 28 Sq.Km of land was declared as an Eco-sensitive zone. Some of the Commercial activities are banned in this area without the permission of the forest department. 

The construction of embankment by King Kanteravanarasimha raja Wadiyar forms 6 Islands and several islets. The larger Island is located in Puttaianakoppalu village limits. Two of the Islands called Devaraja Islands located upstream of river Cauvery comes under Yedathittu limits. Three Islands are located in Arekere and Gendehosahalli village limits. All these six islands constitute the Ranganathittu bird sanctuary. Dr.Salim Ali undertook a survey of birds in the region during 1939-40 and convinced maharaja to declare this zone as Protected Zone.

History of Ranganathittu

The bird sanctuary formed due to the construction of embankment to river Cauvery during 1645 and 1648 by King KanteeravaNarasimharajaWadiyar. The construction of embankments results in the formation of six numbers of islands in Ranganathittu. These islands become home for many exotic birds. These places were identified by famous ornithologist birdman of India Dr. Salim Ali and convinced MaharajaKing KanteeravaNarasimharaja Wadiyar to announce this place as protected are. In the year 1940, this place was declared as the Ranganathittu bird sanctuary.

Ranganathittu office

The Fauna and Flora at Ranganathittu

  • Flora: The sanctuary evidence flora in islands. The Islands are covered by broadleaf trees. The trees like Terminalia Arjuna (Arjun tree), Bamboo, Pandanus trees. Lily Iphigenia (Scientific name: Eucalyptus Acacia) belongs to the family of Calchicaceas (Endemic and threatened species). 
  • Fauna: This place has wide variety of birds and animals. The six Islands of the sanctuary include around 170 variety of birds and animals. In June-2011 the sanctuary witnessed 8000 nestlings’.During winter season around 40000 birds come to this place for nesting. The birds migrate from Siberia, Latin America, Various parts of North India. The sanctuary has the largest number of freshwater crocodiles in Karnataka. 
  • Birds: The Painted stork, Asian openbill stroke, common spoonbill, wobbly necked stork,black-headed ibis, lesser Whistling duck, Indian Shag, Strokbillied kingfisher, egret, cormorant, Oriental darter,spot-billed, pelican, heron.Great stone plover, Riverton, Streak-throated swallows. 
  • Animals: The Island also has small mammals such as Bonnet Macaque, Smooth-coated otter, Colonies of flying fox, common palm civet, Indian grey Mangoose, Monitor lizards, Mugger/Marsh Crocodile.
Ranganathittu Bird paradise
Ranganathittu Bird paradise River
Ranganathittu Birds List

Entry Fees

  • Entry Fees – ₹0
  • Adults(Indians) 70
  • Kids (5 to 12 years) 10
  • Foreigners 400
  • High School/college students study tour 35
  • Primary and higher primary school students 18
  • School and college teachers accompanying students 35

Parking fee for vehicles

  • Cycle ₹5
  • Motorcycle ₹15
  • Autorickshaw/Tanga 20
  • Car/Jeep 50
  • LCV,MiniBus,Tempo,Matador 100
  • Bus/Truck 150

Boating per person (per trip) 

  • Adults(Indians) 70
  • Kids (5 to 12 years) ₹30
  • Foreigners ₹400
  • High School/college students study tour ₹35
  • Primary & higher primary school students 18
  • School & college teachers accompanying students 35

Camera charges

  • DSLR/SLR below 200mm lenses 100
  • DSLR/SLR above 200mm lenses 500

Special Boating Charges(Per trip)

  • Adults(Indians) 1500
  • Foreigners 3000
  • Photography Indians 1500
  • Photography Foreigners 3000

Note : boating will be free for kids below 5 years if the boats are free.
Ranganathittu - Checkpost

Ranganathittu  Timings
Mon – Sun : 09.00 AM to 05.45 PM

Best time to Visit
December to February

Ranganathittu Website
There is no official website

Ranganathittu Email  
No official email address

Ranganathittu Phone Number  
No Contact Number

Ranganathittu Address  
Ranganathittu Road, 
District Mandya,
Karnataka 571438

Ranganathittu Accommodation

No accommodation facilities for visitors. 
There are Good Hotels available in Srirangapatana which has online booking facilities. Some of the hotels are listed below. 

Places near Ranganathittu
Daria Daulat Bagh / Tipu Sultan Summer Palace 
Kshanambika Temple 
Jumma Masjid / Masjid-e-Ala  
Nimishamba Temple
Ranganathaswamy Temple
Kunti Betta
Ranganathittu Bird paradise Path
Ranganathittu Bird paradise ViewPoint
Ranganathittu Entrance
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Ranganathittu Distance
From Bangalore – 130 kilometres  
From Mysore – 18 kilometres  
From Srirangapatna – 4.5 kilometres

How to reach Ranganathittu

KSRTC (Bus)  

KSRTC and Private Buses are available from Bangalore to Srirangpatana(fare: ₹110/-

from Srirangapattana bus stop board bus number 307 at platform number 10 get down near bird sanctuary stop

.From there  its 13 min walk to reach the sanctuary.((fare: ₹7/-).


Express train is available to Mysore /Srirangapatana from Bangalore (fare: 60/- or ₹45/-), 

From Railway station board bus number 307 get down near bird sanctuary stop.

From there  its 13 min walk to reach the sanctuary (fare: ₹7/-).

NOTE –  please do contact Indian Railways (IRCTC) for better clarity on train timings & updated Pricing 


Air Nearest Mysore airport (Domestic Airport) is 35.00 kilometres from temple. Drive time approximately 40 – 50 min 

Bike / Car
Bangalore to Mysore

Majestic (Kempe Gowda bus station) – Nayandahalli – Bidadi – Kengeri – Ramanagara –  Channapattana – Madduru- Mandya- Srirangapattana- Ranganathittu

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